Day 58

I've been wanting to photograph the river Po and night-time for a while. This evening on my back home I parked in a side street and went out on the bridge to try a few long exposure shot.
I might try it from the next bridge another time, I think it might be prettier without that blue neon sign.


Day 57

February 26

I didn't find any time to upload last night so here is yesterday's photo.
I went down town with my mother in law and she pointed out this old pharmacy to me.


Day 56

I finished work around 7pm and snapped this walking back to my car. The building is slightly out of focus, I tried to hold my breath but I'm clearly no human tripod.

This is a typical street-corner in Torino, and maybe every other city in Italy.

A beautiful old building, slightly spoiled by a neon sign. Cars swooshing past and a pedestrian hoping to arrive to the other side of the road in one piece.


Day 55

February 24

When I went away, guess who took over the home

I must find a way to get the power back

...or maybe I'll just join the fun


Back online

I'm back, yay! My mom and sister went back home today, boo! I miss them already.

We had such a great time in the mountains. My sister and I went skiing and mom got a long deserved break, although she did have a nasty cold the whole time. I hope she isn't suffering on the airplane right now.
I found time to pick up the camera every day and I have made 6 new posts here under with photos from the last few days (one blackberry photo).
Tomorrow I'm finally gonna catch up with all my blogger and flickr buddies :)


Day 54

February 23

The not so picturesque periphery of Milano.
(It's underexposed, the sky was not so dark, but I think I like it this way)


Day 53

February 22

View from the house

and the other side

this is what happens if you don't fix that leak


Day 52

February 21

Panorama from the ski slopes


Day 51

February 20

Icicles and the backyard view


Day 50

February 19

A house in winter wonder land

You think those are clean enough to eat?


Day 49

February 18

A little plant peeking out of the snow


Day 48

My mom and my little sister are here! Yay it's so great to have them here :) Today I was very busy, I was working all day then I hurried to the airport to pick them up and then we went out for a dinner with Luca's family. So it was a lovely day but very little time for photos.

My mom suggested getting a shot of the gas flame while we were boiling water for some tea.

And this is part of the carnival decoration at the restaurant.

My little sister is getting very interested in photography. I was teaching her a little how to use manual mode and here is a nice shot taken by my lil sis Andrea :)

For the next few days I will be in the mountains skiing so I might not be able to post every day but I will try my best to take photos every day and catch up with the posting when I can.


Day 47

So today was the first day since I started the project that I found myself at 11pm without having though about today's photo. I was going to do an easy one, the cover of my new notebook or something, but Luca reminded me that I don't have any portraits in my project and I really need to work on that. Luca volunteered although he is still a little sick. So here is the first one, I need a lot of practice.


Day 46

Today is Luca's birthday. He had to work today but we found time to have a very nice lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Tonight we're having dinner with his parents and then meeting friends for drinks. Today's props are pieces of this year's valentine's and birthday presents.


Day 45

I was a little sick on Sunday, so although it was Valentine's day we decided to stay at home and take it easy.
I've decided to keep documenting new photo equipment so here is the new 85mm.
It's incredible how little pieces of dust that I can't see with the naked I, show up on photos from the lightbox.


Day 44

I'm a little behind with the weekend's photo's. Saturday I went up to the mountains with 3 of my friends, we had a really nice lunch and the weather was fantastic.


Day 43

Today my 85mm lens finally arrived (thank you Luca), yay! And the sun was shining, double yay! And I had the day off, triple yay! So obviously I went out to test the new lens.
I love it! (These are all straight out of the camera, no photoshopping today)

It's great for making cool bokeh

and shallow DOF

The sky was a pretty blue

and I think that spring is hiding somewhere just waiting to burst out

I may or may not have a thing for pretty balconies


Day 42

Little signs of carnival are popping up all over town. A traditional dessert or sweet for this period are the Bugie, my favorite is the one filled with the chocolate, yum yum.


Day 41

This morning I was afraid that I had caught whatever Luca had, cause my throat felt like I had swallowed razor blades in my sleep. I feel much better now, maybe because I have been sucking on one of these every 3 hours.


Day 40

I had to go down town today to do some paperwork for the university and do some shopping, shhh birthday coming up.
So of course I had the camera with me and was looking around for today's photo. This caught my eye because the yellow and green stood out in today's grey weather and I just love love love that lamp post.


Day 39

Poor Luca has been sick so I brought back a little present from the supermarket. The man-flu really brings out the inner 5 year old ;)
I think the idea for today's shot was good but neither of us had the patience to execute it really well. I don't like the shadows and I would have liked to use a quicker shutter speed.
Oh well, I'm off to watch Big Bang Theory with the patience.


Day 38

Went skiing today, the weather was amazing. I didn't carry my camera up there but I took 5 or 6 photos with my blackberry storm and made this panorama in photoshop. Teehee I have a thing for panoramas at the moment, and I love photoshop :D


Day 37

I was catching up with my best girls today and my friend Erin has this amazing view over Torino. There are a million things wrong with this picture but I was being very unsociable standing alone on the balcony taking photos so I just snapped a few and hurried back inside. Plus I had already spent half of the afternoon photographing their super cute kids. I wonder how long until everybody starts to resent my new hobby?


January mosaic

I finally made a mosaic for January. I'm thinking 12 of these, maybe bound in a booklet, would make a nice memory of this project :)


Day 36

It started snowing again last night and it hasn't stopped since. I guess winter isn't over just yet.


Day 35

I had to run some errands down town today so I had the opportunity to get some photos of a couple of my favorite places in the city center.

The Galleria Subalpina, built in 1874 in Art Nouveau style. On the right is the elegant caffè Baratti, where you can get amazing chocolate.

Torino has many beautiful squares but Piazza San Carlo must be one of the most important. There are a couple of famous cafès under the porticoes and it is really nice to sit outside in the summertime, although the prices are the highest you can find in Torino.


Day 34

As I couldn't find anything more interesting to shoot today, I'm doing a follow up on yesterday's post.
My luggage finally arrived today, unfortunately the smoked salmon was a little squeezed after 2 days in the bag but the camera stuff was fortunatly well wrapped.
This photo equipment belonged to my other grandfather that passed away 7 years ago.
I love that we shared a common interest and it is really special to me to be given something that he held very dear. Both cameras and lenses seem to be in good condition, they have their own leather case and there was even a light tripod in it's own little bag.
I can't wait to try them out, does anyone have tips on what kind of film to buy?

I started a photocourse a couple of weeks ago and soon I will have the oppurtunity to take a few lessons in a dark room, yay!


Day 33

Fortunately I had no work or study most of the day so I could sleep in and recover from the disaster trip of yesterday.

Iceland was wonderful as always, although this trip was more difficult then normally, it is always fantastic to see my family. If any of my Icelandic friends are reading this then I apologize for not meeting anyone this time, I didn't tell anyone I was coming, there was only time for family this time, but I'll be back soon for a pleasure trip :D

I have made 3 new posts about the last 3 days here below.

Today's photo is a sneak peak of the treasure I brought back from Iceland. As you can see I still need to clean it and then I will check if it works, it would be fun to play a little with film.


Day 32

I took the grand total of ONE photo the first of February. It was such a long and annoying day. 18 hours of travel due to delays and finally cancellation of my second flight. Plus my bag got left behind in London and will not be delivered until tomorrow afternoon, grrrrr.


Day 31

On my last day in Iceland my family and I drove eastward to visit my uncle. He's opening a bed and breakfast in the spring and we got to taste his delicious home-made bread and waffles. Not only can he bake, but he is also a very talented photographer.

In this area there are many beautiful places that are also very popular by tourists. Of course we stopped to take a few photos.

The Icelandic horse is well adapted to cold weather, he is small and sports a winter coat during the colder months.

Iceland sits on 2 shifting plates and thus had volcanic activity and lots of hot water close to the surface.

Dirt that has been frozen and lifted out of the ground.

Ice crystals

Do not cross the rope unless you want to be soaked by boiling water.

Geysir's little brother Strokkur erupts every few minutes. I was unprepared so I only caught the photo when the water was coming back down.

Gullfoss waterfall

The parking lot in front of Gullfoss, one of Iceland's main attractions. Can you spot our car?

The Icelandic highway


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