The Beginning

The blog is up and running. Yay! Well I still have some final touches to make. For example fit the header into that frame, or try to get rid of the frame altogether. And I guess the sidebars look a bit empty, oh well I'll fix all that as I go along.

I should introduce myself and my little blog, although at the moment I'm just talking to myself, who knows if I'll have some visitors later on.
My name is Solveig, I'm Icelandic but currently live in Italy. I'm interested in photography and to help myself learn I've decided to take on a project 365, where I will (do my best to) take at least one photo every day and post it on this blog. Hopefully the experience will teach me something about photography and I will get to know my camera as well. I will probably play a bit with photoshop as well, I'm also a total newbie in that area.

I plan to take a photo every day even if I will not have the oppurtunity to post it the same day due to being away from home for example, then I will label it with the day it was taken. I have to figure out if I can change the days of the post to fit the photos. For example, I'm going out of town for new days so I guess day 1,2 and 3 will be posted on January 3rd. I hope we will have some nice shots from the italian alps.

Have a great New Years Eve!


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