Day 108

April 18, 2010

We went to Milan this Sunday to attend a furniture show. We had lots of fun getting ideas how to decorate the new place. But the show was huuuuge, we walked around for hours, taking notes and collecting business cards.
I took very few photos because there were 'no camera' signs everywhere. Luca doesn't get my 'obsession' for following rules, neither does any other Italian, as everyone was snapping away. So in the end I gave in to Luca's nagging and snapped a couple of photos.

The bed section was looking very tempting after a few hours.

The Electrolux department was pretty cool.

It still wasn't dark when we left so I couldn't see these cool balloons lights on the parking lot in action.

We drove straight to a restaurant to meet up with friends. Here's Elisa the birthday girl with her man Andrea and the puppy I got her for her birthday. That puppy looks just like Elisa when she wants something, she really knows how to use those big brown eyes. Happy birthday Elisa!

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