Days 305-309

November 1-5, 2010

Day 309
A sneak peek of one of the Christmas presents I'm making

Day 308
Autumn colours

Day 307
Luca's friend just opened a new restaurant

Day 306
Colours for the kiddies

Day 305
Luca got me this bracelet in Egypt a couple of months ago


Days 300-304

October 27-31, 2010

Day 304
Happy Halloween

Day 303
Luca and I went to one of our favourite restaurants. We had to wait a few minutes for our table so we went down to the cellar to choose our wine. This book made me think of my project and what I should do with the photos once it's finished

Day 302
Made a healthy meal. Something I should do more often

Day 301
These colourful birds sit on a low wall at the entrance of the school where I work. They must have been made by the kids at some point in the past. I like to think of them as representing the diversity of the children

Day 300
Hey you!


Days 295-299

October 22-26, 2010

Day 299
Preparing for Halloween. The kids might get a treat if they're good

Day 298
I've started playing tennis again. I'm really awful but I'm glad to get some exercise

Day 297
We went to a slow food festival and spent most of the time in the wine section

Day 296
My laptop is 7 years old. It really isn't good for much anymore but I'm reluctant to get rid of it

Day 295
Went up to the new flat to snap some photos while the sun was setting


Days 288-294

October 15-21, 2010

Day 294
Another pretty autumn day here in Turin

Day 293
gnjamm gnjamm look what my inlaws got me today

Day 292
Boiling some pasta for dinner

Day 291
The entrance of my appartment building

Day 290
A Sunday afternoon in late October. Luca kicking around walnuts in the park

Day 289
A random object around the house. A souvenir from a very hot wedding last July

Day 288
The pipes have been concrete coated and we've got a floor again


Days 281-287

October 8-14, 2010

Day 287
I feel very fortunate. I get to walk this pretty path to work every morning

Day 286
Made a fruit salad for dessert. I can see now that the ginger isn't very photogenic

Day 285
The work goes on at the house although I think Luca is making the electrician crazy with his domotics demands

Day 284
I'm hard at work catching up on the blog, and here is the secret ingredient

Day 283
Riverside view in b&w

Day 282
Autumn can be so pretty

Day 281
A beer from the bucket


Days 274-280

October 1-7, 2010

Day 280
My pretty sunglasses

Day 279
The workers made a hole in the wall and they found this weird guy inside.

October 1-7, 2010

Day 278
A bucket of beer to cheer up the day.

Day 277
When kids start preschool here in Italy, they're supposed to bring specific checkered bags with their names on. When my friend told me that she was going to use a felt tip pen I begged her to let me embroider it.

Day 276
Got some yummy homemade jams from Nonna Ines today.

Day 275
This tube is very important to me. It means that I'll be able to put the washing machine exactly where I wanted. The plumber wasn't sure about the draining at first.

Day 274
One good thing about the changing seasons is lighting candles and cozy up at home with a good book and a glass of wine.


Days 266-273

September 23-30, 2010

Day 273
There is a mountain of sand in the living room

Day 272
They try to be tidy

Day 271
Bricks for the new walls

Day 270
Time to bring out the boots

Day 269
Winter fruit

Day 268
Laundry day

Day 267
Table number 4

Day 266
Naima cutie pie


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