Day 33

Fortunately I had no work or study most of the day so I could sleep in and recover from the disaster trip of yesterday.

Iceland was wonderful as always, although this trip was more difficult then normally, it is always fantastic to see my family. If any of my Icelandic friends are reading this then I apologize for not meeting anyone this time, I didn't tell anyone I was coming, there was only time for family this time, but I'll be back soon for a pleasure trip :D

I have made 3 new posts about the last 3 days here below.

Today's photo is a sneak peak of the treasure I brought back from Iceland. As you can see I still need to clean it and then I will check if it works, it would be fun to play a little with film.

Anita  – (February 3, 2010 at 3:45 PM)  

Real film camera! Nothing quite like it!

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